16 december 2017 – 2022

STEDELIJK BASE is the permanent installation of highlights from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum. Nearly 700 works are on display, grouped around historical movements, social themes and iconic artists. For the first time at the Stedelijk, art and design are shown in a large integrated presentation, to reinforce cross-connections and shared narratives.

The exhibition display for STEDELIJK BASE is designed by AMO/Rem Koolhaas with Federico Martelli and enables visitors to experience the collection in an open-ended parcours. The perimeter walls offer a chronological overview of developments in art and design, while free-standing architectural elements create thematic zones of related artworks. The lay-out understands the collection as a network of relations rather than as a presentation of individual artworks.  To capture these networks, very thin walls define an almost urban environment of free association and multiple relations.

The ground floor of the museum building features even more art from the collection with a series of exhibitions under the heading Stedelijk TURNS. These exhibitions are fuelled by new research and topical themes, focusing on hidden stories and unseen or rarely exhibited works. These alternative perspectives will inspire changes in STEDELIJK BASE. Consequently, STEDELIJK BASE will be a dynamic, changing presentation that, over the next five years, will invite visitors to experience the transformation of the canon.