Pinball Wizard

The Work and Life of Jacqueline de Jong (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, February 8 – August 18, 2019)

Since the 1960s, Jacqueline de Jong has evolved a versatile body of work. The exhibition Pinball Wizard: The Work and Life of Jacqueline de Jong gives an overview of the historical development of this oeuvre in which she effortlessly switches between different styles: such as Abstract Expressionism, new figuration and Pop Art. Her work also ranges in scale, from small diptychs that chronicle a day in the life of the artist, to monumental canvases dominated by an absurd and often violent and erotic world. The show also highlights De Jong’s involvement in avant-garde networks inside and outside Europe, including the politically engaged Situationist International movement. The 13 exhibition spaces feature a selection of key works by De Jong and works from the Stedelijk collection, together with previously unseen archival material.



Curatorial statement:

A conversation between De Jong and Schavemaker: